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Our program can now be found in 14 schools from Sacramento to Placerville, in addition to an after school program that is run out of our youth center in El Dorado Hills. Our youth are divided up into 3 teams: Team Hope, Team Dream, and Team Inspire.  Team Hope represents our elementary aged students.  Team Dream represents our middle school students and Team Inspire represents our high school students.  Everyone involved in Hands4Hope is on a team.  It's simply our way of classifying the different age levels of our youth.

The school clubs are only for Team Dream (middle school) and Team Inspire (high school).  At participating middle and high schools, clubs are on campus and everyone is welcome to join these clubs.  It's simply a time for the members to gather and discuss upcoming opportunities and ideas for community outreach.  The leadership within these clubs are required to attend the Team monthly meetings.

More about Hands4Hope School Based Club Program

Hands4Hope’s school based club program incorporates our mission by providing opportunities for students to Explore needs in their communities, Act on them by creating, developing and implementing service-learning projects, while offering a variety of opportunities to Lead. The goals for this program include: creating awareness of community needs and inspiring compassion that leads toward meaningful action; offering opportunities for leadership and personal development.

Each Hands4Hope Club is run by a leadership team including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Some Clubs have additional leadership roles such as Public Relations Coordinator. The leadership for each Club is voted on by student peers at the end of each school year. Team Hope, Hands4Hope’s elementary club is run by three  high school students, who mentor the younger students through outreach activities and projects, using the five stages of service learning. All Clubs are mentored by the H4H youth development coordinator and some of the larger Clubs have additional volunteer advisors to assist with breakout committees.

Youth in the Hands4Hope Club program are immediately given the responsibility and power to make decisions on everything from Club policies to Club focus areas, which is what makes Hands4Hope Clubs different from other clubs and organizations. Each Hands4Hope Club explores social issues and areas of need in their community, for example, foster children, wounded vets, homeless, battered women, senior citizens, to name a few. They learn about needs that are not being met, often by bringing in speakers who specialize in those areas. The larger Clubs are broken into committees, each with a focus area.

Once these teams of youth have a better understanding of current needs, as a group, they choose one need to focus on and work to help fill. They come up with a project (drive, fundraiser, outreach, awareness campaign, etc.), plan and implement it, presenting the results of their efforts to their chosen beneficiary (Foster Family Services, New Morning Shelter, a local food bank, etc). Finally, they reflect on what went well/could be improved and celebrate their work.

Each of these service-learning projects offers the opportunity for participating youth to develop a plan of action and timeline, create and manage a budget, and implement projects that support their chosen causes. Each middle school and high school Hands4Hope Club meets twice a month at their school. Team Hope meets once a month at the Hand4Hope Youth Center.

FYI - You do not have to be in a school club to participant with Hands4Hope.  

If you are interested in starting a club at your school, please email us at info@hands4hopeyouth.org.

Hands4Hope School Club Program