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Meet our 2015-2016 Youth board officers

Youth Board Treasurer: Ethan Weiner

Ethan is a Sophomore and attends Ponderosa High School.   He is involved in wrestling, Honors Courses, and CSF. 

Ethan has been involved in Hands4Hope since 7th grade.  He's found it to be fulfilling to help in the community and saw an opportunity to become part of the leadership by starting a club at Herbert Green Middle School. Additionally, Ethan feels the skills that he learns (like leadership and communication) will help him in the future. 

Youth Board Secretary: Lauren Ray

Lauren is a junior and attends Union Mine High School. She plays both volleyball and soccer for Union Mine and photography is a hobby I love to do outside of school.  She has only been involved with HandsHope for 1 year, but is excited to see what year 2 has in store!

After joining the Hands4Hope Union Mine club and realizing how much she cherished everything the organization does, she wanted to be more involved not just within the school club, but the other schools as well. .

Youth Board Vice President: Claire Snyder

Claire is a senior at Oak Ridge High School.  Currently, she is in the Bank of America Student Leaders Program for the summer and has an internship with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Sacramento.

Claire has  been involved with Hands4Hope since the beginning of 8th grade.  For her, in the beginning, it was just about completing hours needed for a project, but as she became more involved the more I saw the need for help in our community. I continue doing Hands4Hope because I enjoy helping people and the organization has done a lot for my self-development.

Claire contributes her leadership skills to Hands4Hope and feels she can use those skills towards the Youth Board.

Youth Board President: Marin Cross

Marin is a senior at Folsom High School and plays soccer year round.  She's been involved with Hands4Hope for 2 years.  Marin joined Hands4Hope because she wanted to be involved in helping our community and liked all the opportunities you get from this organization. 

Marin believes Hands4Hope is a great program and and is excited that she can help others get involved with the organization as well as take on more leadership responsibilities.

We are led by a Youth Board who is mentored by a Parent Advisory Council.  Our primary objective is to show and teach youth how they can make a difference in their communities.

The Hands4Hope Youth Board is made up of the President and Vice President of our six high school Hands4Hope Clubs.  The role of the Youth Board is to guide and give input on Hands4Hope's leadership development and outreach programs.  They give input on issues and ideas brought to them by the Parent Advisory Council; share Club successes and challenges; collaborate on activities; and plan team builds, leadership camps and workshops.  


Youth Board Leadership
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