Participate in a variety of outreach opportunities that are available every month, as yourschedule permits. Adults, this means you too!  Participate as a family.  Click here to register with us.  Click here to view this month's opportunities.


Make a donation of in-kind goods and services, give a monetary donation, or sponsor an event or program.

Hands4Hope includes both community service and service-learning, school-based clubs, and youth leadership, giving youth of all ages the power to decide their level involvement.  We also offer many opportunities for parents and adults to get involved! 

Interesting Facts:

In 2015, our participating youth reported growth in the areas of Positive Youth Development, Skills and Mastery, Social Awareness and Social Capital :

95% of participating youth reported that after participating in a Hands4Hope School Club they felt they had the skills to make a difference in their community.  
93% reported being able to work well as a member of a team and felt that they learned to accept other people's perspectives.
88% reported learning the skills to gather information about a problem before deciding what action to take.
86% reported learning the skills to initiate an action plan. 
80% reported gaining communication skills, including speaking well in front of a group and speaking with community leaders. 
91% reported they felt personal responsibility to help their community.
95% reported they felt youth can make an important impact in the community

Ways to get involved:

Join us!  

(916) 294 - 7426 | info@hands4hopeyouth.org


Join a project committee or school club.  Work with peers and adult mentors to plan outreachactivities and events.  Adults, you can join a project and/event committee or assist with our school clubs.  For more information, email info@hands4hopeyouth.org.


Lead a team, clubcommittee, or join the Youth Board.  Adults, there are also many ways youcan get involved from being a part of a fundraising committee to being an adult mentor.