Kid's Oasis Committee

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The Kids’ Oasis Committee hosts a bi-monthly children’s program at Green Valley Community Church (GVCC) in Placerville. Every Saturday, GVCC holds a Saturday Cafe for individuals living in low-income or homeless situations, and provides a hot breakfast, clothing, groceries, and other resources. This process can often take several hours though, and can be especially long for the children waiting with their families. To lessen the amount of time that these children have to wait, and make the experience a little more engaging for them, Hands4Hope created Kids’ Oasis, a program that provides games and crafts, encourages building positive relationships with other attendees, and offers mentorship opportunities between the children and youth volunteers.

The Kids’ Oasis Committee is instrumental in this process, designing crafts, coordinating games, regularly attending and running the program, recruiting volunteers, working with the GVCC staff, hosting fundraisers, and mentoring the children who regularly attend Kids’ Oasis. If you are in 8th grade or up, and are interested in working with children, planning projects and fundraisers, or collaborating with other youth volunteers to create a unique and fun experience for Kids’ Oasis participants, this is the committee for you!

To apply, click here.  For more information or to participate in the committee, please contact Maddy Gorrell at