We are a non-profit, youth driven, outreach organization based in Northern California.  We create opportunities for youth to identify areas of need in their communities where they can make a difference and have a positive impact.

Lead a team, club or committee, or join the Youth Board.  Adults, there are also many ways you can get involved from being a part of a fundraising committee to being an adult mentor.

Foundation History


Jennifer Bassett
Founder and Executive Director. Her inspiration for creating Hands4Hope came from her children.  "I truly want for them to grow up to be compassionate, responsible individuals, who look beyond themselves and aspire to make this a better world."

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Maddy Gorrell

Our Youth Development Program Assistant will work with our Youth Development Coordinator, by mentoring and providing support to the overall Youth Development Program.  

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Youth Development

Participate in a variety of outreach opportunities that are available every month, as your schedule permits.  Adults, this means you too!  


Caroline Taylor
Our Office Coordinator oversees all clerical and administrative tasks to help our organization run well.

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Yoko Kono

Our Outreach Coordinator is the main contact for adult and youth participants, over-sees and coordinating all aspects of outreach and volunteer activities. 

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P: 916-715-2498

Nicole Craine

​Our Youth Development Coordinator oversees the development and implementation of our service learning and leadership program in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties.

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Claudia Lytle

Claudia is joining Hands4Hope as part of Intel’s Encore Fellowship and will assist us with many administrative duties and training materials.

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We are comprised of youth ranging in grades from Kindergarten to 12th.  We currently have more than 1,250 registered youth participants  and have service learning clubs in 15 schools.

Our Goals

​​​​At Hands4Hope, we give voice to youth on issues affecting our community and give them

the opportunity to take action in their own way.

  • We give youth the opportunity to explore areas of need in their communities
  • Inspire compassion and the desire to take action 
  • Empower youth to create, develop, and implement projects that support their chosen causes
  • Offer opportunities for leadership development
  • Encourage youth to build relationships with other community-based agencies

Youth involved in service learning programs

  • Learn more about social issues and their root causes
  • Develop or enhance skills, especially in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership
  • Have opportunities and hands-on experience to act on their values and beliefs 
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Learn more about Hands4Hopes Positive Youth Development and Strength-Based Leadership

2008 - Local mom, Jennifer Bassett wanted to teach her two sons a lesson of giving back and being compassionate to the world around them, starting the foundation of Hands4Hope.

2008 - Hands4Hope became a non-profit 501(c)3 organization compromised of 200 youth volunteers.

2011 - School clubs and service learning programs were launched

2013 - Grown to over 1,250 youth members, partnering with over 13 partner agencies to carry out various outreach programs.  Involved in over 10 public schools and 1 private school.



Ways to get involved

About Us 


We aim to cultivate the next generation of socially responsible citizens.  To empower youth to make a positive difference in the world around them through Exploration, Action and Leadership.

Samantha DeLeon
Our Communications Coordinator, oversees the coordination of all organization communication.

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(916) 294 - 7426 |

Join a project committee or school club. Work with peers and adult mentors to plan outreach activities and events.

our administrative team