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Annual Blanket Making Party 

In November, Hands4Hope holds their Annual Blanket Making Party, where youth and adult participants make no-sew fleece blankets. These blankets are distributed to the homeless and donated to Hands4Hope partner agencies that serve children, patients, and seniors in need.  

green valley community church kid's oasis


Winter Warm and Fuzzy Drive

Mercy Senior Housing Dinner

GVCC occurs twice a month in Placerville.

The Kid's Oasis is a cooperative effort between GVCC and Hands4Hope.  It is a safe place for the children of the Saturday Cafe clients to go while their parents wait and go through the grocery line (which can take up to 2 hours) and shop for clothes.  Our youth and adult participants implement kid-friendly activities each week.  All crafts are provided by Hands4Hope staff, but volunteers are welcome to bring their own supplies or activities.  Hands4Hope runs the Kid's Oasis the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.  Middle and high school youth are welcome to participate in this outreach.

Outreaches are the platform from which youth in Hands4Hope learn about and engage with their community. Both youth and community centered, H4H gives youth, kindergarten through 12 grade, rich learning experiences that help them develop leadership skills while providing exposure to populations they may not encounter during their day-to-day life.

Participants in Hands4Hope outreach events, engage in activities that address human and community needs together, learning first hand about social issues and the power they have to make a positive difference. Through these experiences, H4H youth find their passion and their voice, often recruiting fellow students and friends to join in their efforts. Once they understand the power they have and the impact they can make on another’s life, they want to do more and it shows in the numbers that follow.


Many of the events our youth work are designed based on community needs, therefore new events are being created based on our youth participants' decisions.  Below, you will find a descriptions of events that are most commonly on our calendar.

GVCC occurs twice a month in Placerville.

Green Valley is one of the largest El Dorado County food distribution points.  The church serves between 150-300 people every Saturday, preparing and serving them a warm meal while they wait to go through the grocery food line.  There is also a clothes closet where people can shop for free.  Hands4Hope participants work the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month, helping distribute food, run carts, bag clothes, serve the meal, clear tables, etc.  All age youth are welcome to participate in this outreach.

Blanket Making Party

Mercy Senior Housing Dinner occurs once a month.

Participants will spend time with seniors at Creekview Manor in Folsom playing games, helping with craft activities and serving dinner.  If volunteers have a special talent (singing, playing a musical intrument, etc.) they are encouraged to perform.  It's a fun evening for all involved.

Spring Toiletries Drive

During the spring months local elementary schools collect toiletries to be distributed throughout the year during homeless outreaches and other Hands4Hope outreach events. After the collection, youth work together to organize and sort all products.

Sacramento homeless outreach

green valley community church saturday cafe and food distribution

Participants help prepare approximately 150 sack lunches at a local facility and then, together, we carpool to downtown Sacramento.  Upon arrival, our youth and adult volunteers distribute the lunches along with items collected during our school drives, such as tolietries, warm clothes, and blankets.  This outreach takes place monthly and usually on a school holiday such as Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Spring Break, etc.  All age youth are welcome to participate in this outreach.

Spring Toiletries Drive

Winter Warm and Fuzzy Drive 

During the month of October, local elementary schools collect new and gently used clothing to help keep less fortunate families in our community warm throughout the winter.  Upon completion of the Drive, students at Oak Ridge High School wash and sort the clothes.  Hands4Hope then sets up a “Winter Boutique” for foster and low income families, using donated space near our youth center. The Boutique is decorated and organized by a dedicated committee of youth and adult volunteers. The Boutique is open for holiday "shopping" during the month of December.

" Service learning works.  It engages teachers, parents, volunteers, and most of all our youth into areas where learning becomes real and it fosters youth developing greater compassion for those less fortunate." 
-  Vicki Barber, Ed.D,  Superintendent, Retired El Dorado County Office of Education