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Project Birthday! Committee

The Project Birthday Committee hosts monthly parties at the White Rock Village Apartments for any children having birthdays, complete with decorations, games, and cake. This committee creates, plans, and carries out themed birthday parties; designs and leads games and activities during the event; hosts fundraisers for party supplies and birthday presents; collaborates with the apartment coordinators to learn more about the kids that they will be interacting with; and works to mentor and build relationships with the children who regularly attend parties. Project Birthday provides many opportunities to develop skills in mentor- and leadership, as well as communication and project planning.

If you are in 8th grade or up, and love working with kids, eating birthday cake and playing games, or just getting to know other great youth volunteers, this is the committee for you!

To apply, click here.  For more information or to participate in the committee, please contact Maddy Gorrell at maddy@hands4hopeyouth.org.