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Who We Are and What We Do
Hands4Hope is a youth driven nonprofit, based in northern California,  with a mission to empower youth to make a positive difference in the world around them through Exploration, Action, and Leadership.

Ryan Christopher Hersh was a young man who was an active participant in

Hands4Hope and loved being involved in making a difference in his community.

He was a kind and gentle  and served his community with love, respect, and an

open heart. The Ryan Christopher Hersh Memorial Scholarship Fund is a fund

that was initiated by Ryan’s grandparents in his memory. Ryan passed away at

the age of 18.

To honor Ryan and his love of serving, his grandparents Nancy and Darwin Myers

and Sharon and Dick Tietgens created this fund so that others may explore needs

in their community and have the opportunity to take action in their own way, as Ryan

did through Hands4Hope. They also want young people to be able to explore their

own strengths, whether it be sports, art, music, leadership, or something else, through

local summer camps. Ryan was an avid athlete with a passion for football and lacrosse.

We are in the process of forming the Hands4Hope Ryan Christopher Hersh Scholarship Committee and are accepting applications now. This committee will be made up of high school and college-age students (14-22) from the greater El Dorado Hills area. Members of this committee will be responsible for determining criteria for scholarships, creating and distributing the RCH Scholarship Application, marketing the scholarship program, reviewing completed applications, and awarding scholarships, while managing the program budget.

Participants Will Have the Opportunity to:

  • Participate in a real-life leadership experience, where  decisions made will have a real impact
  • Understand how a perpetual endowment fund works
  • Gain skills in managing a budget and dispersing funds
  • Understand better how a non-profit operates
  • Gain decision-making skills and learn  how to work as part of a diverse group
  • Gain a better understanding for the struggles some in our community face
  • Appreciate the value of service to the community
  • Meet new friends from different schools and backgrounds​

If you are interested in being a part of the Hands4Hope Ryan Christopher Hersh Scholarship Committee, please complete the online application (link below) or download the application (PDF application here) and email it to info@hands4hopeyouth.org by May 4th, 2017.

Hands4Hope Ryan Christopher Hersh Scholarship Committee