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Hands4Hope is a service learning organization, giving youth, kindergarten through 12th grade, the opportunity to participate in our community and work hands-on with those in need.  Our events vary in time commitments, locations and activities.  Some of our events are smaller, working with only 5-10 other youth, and some of our events involve more than 200 volunteers working together.  Our youth are given the opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills appropriate for their age and developed as they participate in a variety of programs, including outreach opportunitiesschool club programsleadership opportunities and camps.

What we do

The time commitment

We understand school schedules and extra-curricular activities and we are flexible with your time.  Some months you may be able to participate more than others.  Our goal is to help youth experience community outreach and have a good feeling about it, allowing them to continue giving their time throughout their life.

Our participants are asked to attend monthly meetings with their team to stay updated on what is happening with Hands4Hope.  These meetings are encouraged, but not required.

What parent/guardians can expect

Elementary aged students must be accompanied by one parent or guardian per family at outreach events. Parents/Guardians of middle and high school students are encouraged to be involved, but it is not required.  Special registration, transportation, and confidentiality forms are required for each youth who participates with Hands4Hope, and a parent/guardian is expected to sign off on these forms before a youth can participate.

Parents/Guardians, if you would like to get more involved, we are happy to have you!  If you would like to help lead events, join our committees or just be more involved, please let us know.  We do require all adult advisors to be fingerprinted with Hands4Hope for the safety of our participants.

What Youth participants can expect

Youth participants are required to register with Hands4Hope and fill out the appropriate paperwork, activate their registration and pay their registration fee before they can participate.  After registering, you have a choice of several different events to participate at and get involved with.  Some of the opportunities change monthly, but we also have outreach events that happen every month.

The hours our members particpate will be tracked and at the end of the year, we host a recognition celebration!

Hands4Hope Clubs

Hands4Hope has 3 clubs: Team Hope, Team Dream, and Team Inspire.  Team Hope represents our elementary aged students.  Team Dream represents our middle school students and Team Inspire represents our high school students.  

Team Dream (middle school) and Team Inspire (high school) meet at participating schools.  It's simply a time for the members to gather and discuss upcoming opportunities and ideas for community outreach.  The leadership within these clubs are required to attend the Team monthly meetings.

Each Team has their own meeting, once per month, to discuss upcoming events and service opportunities. The meetings are fun and allow new volunteers to meet their fellow members!

Learn more about our club program here.