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Hands4Hope Registration Fees FAQ

Why has Hands4Hope implemented a registration fee?

Hands4Hope is modernizing its current funding structure to better align with its strategic objectives and ensure long term program viability. Hands4Hope  operational expenses that will be supported by the registration fee include but are not limited to: liability insurance for participants, a secure information and volunteer management database, and program training and oversight.

Registration fee contributions will make a vital impact on Hands4Hope’s leadership, youth development, and outreach programs, allowing Hands4Hope to strengthen and build current and future program successes.  This fee will help cover the costs associated with program implementation and sustainability,  as well as the oversight  of the service learning and outreach programs, ultimately supporting the youth involved in a safe, structured way that inspires creativity, compassion, and action.

Hands4Hope gives youth  the opportunity to explore needs in their community, take action in their own way, and build leadership skills, while receiving  mentoring and training by adult advisors.

NOTE:  You may register with Hands4Hope to see what we’re all about before activating your registration and paying the registration fee.  Just create (or update) a Family or Individual Profile, and learn about what makes Hands4Hope such an enriching and and rewarding program. Once you register, you will start receiving the Hands4Hope newsletter and outreach calendar via email, as well as information about upcoming events and needs.

When does the annual fee period begin and end?
Annual Registration Fees cover August 1 through July 31. Participants will be required to renew their registration and update their profile each year.

Why do I fill out a Profile?
Hands4Hope requires all program participants  to create a profile. This profile provides participants easy access to sign up for events (and cancel if needed) , track events and hours; provides emergency contact information,  and allows Hands4Hope staff to better understand participants’ individual level of interest in the organization for targeted emails and projects. You may fill out a profile without activating your registration and paying the fee; payment is required once you are ready to participate in an Outreach event or project.

What is the registration fee?
H4H REGISTRATION FEES August 1 – July 31
Individual Youth Registration                     $20
Parent/Guardian Registration                    Free
Active H4H Fingerprinted Adult Advisor    Free
Club Participant Profile                              Free

Is there a Registration Fee to participate in Hands4Hope school clubs?
There is no Registration Fee to participate in school clubs. However, Hands4Hope relies on financial contributions from participating families.  A contribution is not required to participate, and families that choose to contribute may do so at any amount. However, a suggested contribution of $5.00 will help sustain the  program at its current level. Conversely, low enrollment and/or insufficient funding could result in club cancellations. Hands4Hope appreciates any contributions made to the program. Contributions will be collected during school club meetings.

I’m a member of the Hands4Hope Club at my school and I would like to participate in a community outreach event or help with an after school project.  Do I need to register and pay fees?
Membership in a H4H School Club does not include participation in (after-school) Community Outreach events and project committees. H4H School Club members will need to activate their registration and pay the fee , in order to register for Outreach events and after-school projects.

What if I can’t afford the Registration Fee?
Hands4Hope wants to ensure that ALL youth who wish to participate in H4H programs are able to, despite financial means. If financial assistance is needed, please email Laura at laura@hands4hopeyouth.org for assistance. All inquiries are kept completely confidential.  You can also apply for the Hands4Hope Ryan Christopher Hersh Memorial Scholarship Fund​.

I am actively involved with Hands4Hope as an Adult Advisor. Do I still need to pay registration fees for myself and my family?
The participation of volunteer Adult Advisors is vital to the implementation and success of each of Hands4Hope’s outreaches, H4H Clubs, and after school projects and events; therefore, Hands4Hope has a special program for Adult Advisors and their families to show how much their commitment and dedication is appreciated.  Active* Adult Advisors are not required to pay registration fees for themselves OR  their immediate family members.

If you have any questions about fees, or becoming an Adult Advisor please contact Laura (Laura@hands4hopeyouth.org). If you would like to help as an Adult Club Advisor with one of the H4H School Clubs, please contact Nicole (nicole@hands4hopeyouth.org).

*Adult participants are considered Active Advisors once they have completed our adult training program and have acted as the Advisor for three outreaches, events, or Club/committee meetings. Families may request reimbursement of their registration fee once a parent or guardian has completed these items.

Are there other options for payment besides paying online through PayPal?
Yes. You may pay by cash or check.Checks should be made out to Hands4Hope - Youth Making a Difference. You may pay: 

In person at the Hands4Hope Youth Center during normal business hours.
           877 Embarcadero Drive, Suite 3
           El Dorado Hills, CA
           (corner of Green Valley Rd. and Francisco)
           (916) 294-7426
           Open:  Monday - Friday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm


Mail to Hands4Hope at 3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-264, El Dorado Hills, CA  95762.        


Youth who wish to participate in after-school outreach events may also pay the registration fee at a H4H School Club Meeting.

What if I register and do not participate in any events? 

Registration fees are not refundable regardless of actual participation.​