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Announcing 2018 Summer Leadership!

They applied, they interviewed, and now they’re ready to take on some of Hands4Hope’s biggest events of the year! Congratulations to all who received a leadership position, and thank you to all who applied and will be participating as committee members!

  1. Kidszone Internship: Allison Simko

  2. School Supply Drive Internship: Taylor Smith

  3. Kids’ Oasis Lead: Chloe Simon

  4. Project Birthday Lead: Jena Brasil

  5. Fall Festival Subcommittee Chairs:

  • Marketing & Fundraising Committee Chair: Caroline Snyder

  • Marketing & Fundraising Committee Vice Chair: Allison Simko

  • Operations & Finance Committee Chair: Chloe Simon

  • Operations & Finance Committee Vice Chair: Kenzie Misso

  • Games & Activities Committee Chair: Taylor Smith

  • Games & Activities Committee Vice Chair: Dylyn Pavel

  • Volunteer Management Committee Chair: Bella Gomann

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