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Donor Spotlight: Katy Peek

Tell us about your family.

My husband Don and I moved to Camino in 1967 after serving with the Peace Corps in India. We raised our two daughters here and continue to enjoy the beauty and friendliness of El Dorado County.

What does giving back to the community mean to you?

Our community was always very kind to our business. When we sold our business in 1994 we were quite ready to return this kindness in ways that would benefit the area’s population.

What is your reason(s) for donating to Hands4Hope?

I believe Hands4Hope is blazing new territory in helping young people understand what philanthropy is. By Hands4Hope projects and education, a generation of kids are being exposed to the importance of charitable giving and volunteerism.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Keep up the good work. Every year you seem to be able to break new ground in your work assisting young people in learning the importance of work and giving in order to assure a more stable and healthy community.

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