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How To Play

Please join us for the Hands4Hope Youth Board's Upper Room virtual fundraising event!  

There are two opportunities to fundraise for the Placerville's Upper Room - Play the Stolen Stars Escape Room and Shop our Virtual Store to help stock the Upper Room.

Stolen Stars Escape Room

The Stolen Stars Escape Room will be guided through a Google Doc that is question based where different answers take you on a journey through the Museum Of Modern Art. The cost is only $5! Ticket holders will be emailed a link to the escape room. Recommended for anyone ages 10+.


Shop our

virtual store!

The Youth Board is asking for donations in the amounts equivalent to the top 10 items the Upper Room is requesting.  

See list to see these items.  Please note, these are virtual items. You are donating the amount for Hands4Hope to give to the Upper Room.  You are not purchasing actual items nor will anything be shipped to you.


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About Upper Room Placerville

Motivated by love and grace, the Upper Room Dining Hall provides meals to the hungry members of our community 365 days a year regardless of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, or income, treating guests with dignity and compassion.  The Upper Room has been providing free meals to the hungry people of El Dorado County since 2002.  They serve all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, income, or age 365 days a year. They are a non-profit (501.c3) charity that partners with more than 16 different faith based and civic organizations in the local community.  Visit their website for more information: