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Brand Guidelines

brand & Name consistency

A visually and verbally consistent message is important to properly convey who Hands4Hope is and what we do. This is how we convey and communicate our brand so we can establish trust with our constituents, stand out in a crowded marketplace and ultimately increase Hands4Hope’s success. Imagine grabbing a can of Coca Cola in purple and green, would you trust what’s inside?


Use the name Hands4Hope or Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference. Any other variation is incorrect, for example don’t use “H4H” in external materials.

Logo Use

Hands4Hope Brand Style Sheet.png

Primary Logo

Hands4Hope Brand Style Sheet.png

Image of white logo on

black background

Hands4Hope Brand Style Sheet.png

Image of white logo on

our blue background

Colors and fonts

The following colors are key! They create the look and feel of the Hands4Hope brand. It is important to use the exact color rather than something close. Ask for help if you are having trouble creating your web, social media or artwork using these specific colors.

hands4hope colors.png


Vision:  A community of civic minded and socially responsible citizens for generations to come

Mission:  Inspire and empower youth in leadership and service

Other guidelines

PHOTOS: Be sure to get a signed photo release.


HASHTAGS: #ExploreActLead  #ServiceLearning  #YouthMakingaDifference  #Hands4Hope

Please include the web address when possible.  

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