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Teacher Spotlight: Leslee Spencer-Long

This month Hands4Hope has selected Leslee Spencer-Long as our Teacher Spotlight! Leslee is the counselor at Oak Meadow and Silva Valley Elementary and helped lead the school to their 2019 Toiletries Drive victory! Click here to learn more about Leslee's experience working with Hands4Hope youth!

What school do you teach or work at?

I'm a school counselor at Oak Meadow and Silva Valley Elementary.

What is your impression/experience with Hands4Hope youth?

The Hands4Hope youth I worked with were extremely friendly, respectful, helpful, organized and responsible. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and work with the amazingly compassionate Hands4Hope youth leaders. They are such an inspiration to the students at our school in making a positive impact on the world around them through selfless acts of kindness.

Is there anything that you've enjoyed most/been most surprised by interacting with the youth?

We enjoyed the experience very much and are looking forward to partnering with Hands4Hope in the future.

What was your role in this year's Toiletries Drive?

I have a lunch bunch group called "Kindness Crew" made up of 3rd-5th graders. We support giving/kindness projects throughout the school year. My Kindness Crew kiddos advertised the giving drive via posters and announcements prior to the drive. The week of, they delivered laundry baskets to each classroom and made one final announcement in person. We also, sent a connect ed. message to all parents as a reminder the last few days before the drive concluded.

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