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2019 Hands4Hope Leadership Camps

Hands4Hope staff took 21 middle school leaders and 25 high school leaders to H4H Leadership Camp in Coloma last month!

Under this year’s camp theme The Courage to Lead, Middle School Youth participated in workshops designed to teach them how to lead their peers in the process of service learning. Workshops included hands-on practice for meeting facilitation and project planning, as well as fun and engaging team-building activities.

Our high school leaders also learned how to lead their peers through the stages of service learning, worked on skills to ensure good team communication, inclusion, and engaging meeting facilitation. In addition the high school leaders focused on understanding diversity and the importance of valuing different perspectives when brainstorming and working on project development. Finally, the leaders challenged themselves by taking on the thirty foot high ropes course. The leaders set individual goals and worked to support each other as they worked outside their comfort zones!

This year’s camps were a ton of fun and a success in reaching the outcomes we desired: teambuilding, skillbuilding, and goal setting for the coming year. We are excited to see these leaders execute what they learned and engage their peers in projects to benefit the community.

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