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ASPIRE Outfitters Committee Shoe Drive Wrap Up

by Tarika Kahlon, ASPIRE Outfitters Committee

Thank you to our donors and community partners for partnering with the ASPIRE Outfitters Committee to help fill the empty shoe shelves during our Shoe Drive in January! The committee ended up collecting a total of 107 pairs of shoes, increasing the number of families they are able to serve this year! The shoes will be distributed via the ASPIRE Outfitters Clothing Closet based out of the Hands4Hope Placerville Youth Center where they will be distributed to local families when a request comes in from a social worker, school or shelter.

Read the event recap written by Oak Ridge High School junior, Tarika Kahlon, ASPIRE Outfitters Committee Member below:


Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference, in partnership with ASPIREKids, facilitated a shoe drive in order to benefit local underprivileged youth. On January 5th, youth got together, despite pouring rain, at the Hands4Hope Placerville Youth Center for four hours to collect shoes. Through their efforts, they collected 47 pairs of shoes within this time.

As a committee, ASPIRE Outfitters decided to extend the drive and ended up collecting a total of 107 pairs of shoes. These shoes will be taken by ASPIRE Outfitters Clothing Closet to distribute to youth in need.

In 2022, ASPIRE distributed a total of 84 pairs of shoes to families in need and is able to serve even more people this year through the help of everyone that donated either by dropping off at a Hands4Hope - Youth Making a Difference Youth Center or the Community HUB at the El Dorado Hills Library branch.

Reflecting on her experience, Oak Ridge High School junior and ASPIRE Outfitters Committee Chair Navy Morrison said, “Throughout my work with ASPIRE Outfitters, I have seen firsthand the impact we can have on our community. This event especially has shown me how much we can accomplish as a community. I was so glad to see that so many people donated so many shoes to children and people in need and I can’t wait to see the impact these shoes will have on the people we serve.”


WANT TO GET INVOLVED? On February 18, 2023, youth (7th Grade and up) are invited to work alongside the Aspire Outfitters Committee to clean out and organize the clothes closet at the Placerville Hands4Hope Youth Center! Earn three community service hours for this outreach event.

Click here to sign up!

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