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Hands4Hope Participates in Folsom Community Day: Stop, Pop & Go!

written by Eadora Hormozi, Folsom High School Hands4Hope Club Public Relations Officer

The 7th Annual Folsom Community Service Day was held on Saturday, September 19th. This day is all about giving back to the community, anyone can volunteer to complete projects around the Folsom area. Due to COVID-19, there were not as many options to serve as in previous years. Some of the options included multiple Stop, Pop & Go locations to donate food for Twin Lakes Food Bank and cleaning up litter around Folsom. Hands4Hope had two sites to collect food donations, one at Mcfarland Park and the other at Econome Park. In total Hands4Hope collected 3,923 items which weighed 2,541 pounds!

Volunteers had the opportunity to safely collect food donations from

community members who drove through the collection site . Once the donations came to the volunteers, they would count and weigh each of the items. Sreeja Paul, a 7th grader at Folsom Middle School, described her experience, “I thought it was really fun! It also helped other communities and hospitals with the donations that many people had brought. I had a fun time distributing the food to various organizations in need.” Diya Bhakta, a student at Folsom Middle School said, “For the food drive, we helped gather food items to donate to those in need during this time. I had fun at this event and I felt good helping others in need.” Kathy Van Saun, Hands4Hope’s Education Program Coordinator, concluded, “I’m grateful for leaders in our community who are an example to our youth. Kelly Supple, our Teacher Advisor for the Hands4Hope Club at Sutter Middle School, volunteered at the McFarland Park site and we all know how incredibly busy our teachers are right now! It was wonderful to see Hands4Hope leaders responsibly serving their community within safety guidelines.”

Thank you to all the volunteers who dedicated their time!

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