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November 2022 Community Engagement Opportunities | November 19 is Family Volunteer Day!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

DID YOU KNOW? Family Volunteer Day is November 19!

Family Volunteer Day raises awareness about the power of families who work together to support their communities and the people in it. Hands4Hope's Community Engagement Program offers multiple, flexible opportunities to volunteer as a family!

Five Benefits of Family Volunteering:

  1. Family volunteering teaches children about your values as a family

  2. Family volunteering helps you spend quality time together while having fun

  3. Family volunteering helps children learn empathy.

  4. Family volunteering teaches children that learning happens outside of school, too.

  5. Family volunteering helps children learn important skills.

Click to learn more about how to get involved with your family through one of Hands4Hope Community Engagement outreaches!

November 2022 Community Engagement Flier
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