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Sponsor Spotlight | Rick Fergerson - Fergerson Financial

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Rick Fergerson, CPA, PFS, AIF is the Founder and CEO of Fergerson Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

Prior to owning Fergerson Financial, Rick was Senior Vice President of Franklin Templeton Investor Services LLC and Franklin Distributors, Inc., focusing on all retirement-related services. Rick graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, emphasis in accounting.

Rick is married to Laura (also a CPA) and has two daughters, Marissa and Kathryn, and a son Matt. Rick is an avid golfer and enjoys tasting fine wines and holds a couple of wine certifications. When not in the office, you can often find him at a yoga studio.

Hands4Hope is so appreciative of your long-time partnership! Why do you continue to support Hands4Hope and how does our mission to inspire and empower youth in leadership and service fit your current goals?

I think it has been seven or eight years of supporting Hands4Hope. A great organization with an awesome leader. I continue to support Hands4Hope because of Jennifer Bassett and her continued passion to develop the next generation of leaders. One of my goals is to give back to the community through financial support. The answer would be yes, that your mission to inspire and empower youth in leadership and service does support one of my current goals. Let’s just say I’m a proud supporter of Hands4Hope.

How do you see our shared commitment to serving the local community as vital during these challenging times?

I think it is important for people to step forward and support youth/leadership organizations of this community either financially or through volunteering. I look back at my years growing up in Del Paso Heights with a smile on my face - not because of what I have been able to accomplish in life - but because I feel proud of where I came from and the support I received through mentors, teachers, and the community.

What is your favorite thing about Hands4Hope and is there anything you would like our Hands4Hope community to know about Fergerson Financial?

Jennifer Bassett always brings a local youth leader when we discuss current year financial contributions. I enjoy talking to them and hearing about current and planned activities and why financial and volunteer support is important to them and the organization. I just want to say thank you for having Fergerson Financial as your Sponsor Spotlight.

And to Hands4Hope, I wanted to say: Thank you for everything you do and for providing opportunities for the youth to gain leadership skills for their future.


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