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Youth leadership

Youth Leadership

At Hands4Hope we offer multi-level leadership opportunities to all youth participants starting in middle school and extending through to college. Positive Youth Development and Leadership Development methodologies are embedded in all Hands4Hope Service Learning and Outreach programs. More specifically Hands4Hope uses the Strength-based Leadership Method, developed by Gallup.  

Hands4Hope Youth Board

We are led by a Youth Board who is mentored by a Parent Advisory Council.  Our primary objective is to show and teach youth how they can make a difference in their communities. 


The Hands4Hope Youth Board is made up of the President and Vice President of our six high school Hands4Hope Clubs.  The role of the Youth Board is to guide and give input on Hands4Hope's leadership development and outreach programs.  They give input on issues and ideas brought to them by the Parent Advisory Council; share Club successes and challenges; collaborate on activities; and plan team builds, leadership camps and workshops.  

Leadership camp and workshops

Every year, Hands4Hope Middle School and High School Club youth leaders participate in the Hands4Hope Youth Leadership Camp, an opportunity for all of the Hands4Hope (H4H) Club Leaders to come together from local middle and high schools. 


In addition, the H4H Leaders participate in a series of workshops focused on strength-based leadership development, meeting and project development skills and site-based team building.


These provide an excellent opportunity for H4H Youth Leaders to build foundational skills essential for a successful service learning club's school year. H4H Staff will continue to support and offer additional progressive leadership skill-building opportunities for H4H Youth Leaders throughout the year.

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