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Thank You to Doug Busch: Executive Board Member from 2008 to 2017

With the beginning of a new year, Hands4Hope says goodbye to one of its most valued resources - Doug Busch, Executive Board Chair and avid Hands4Hope supporter. Doug retired from the Hands4Hope Executive Board on December 31. Hands4Hope has been truly fortunate to have had someone like Doug on the Board.

Doug has been with Hands4Hope since the very beginning, and has been intricately involved in almost every aspect of the formation and success of this organization, guiding its development and growth for many years. Doug’s leadership over the past 10 years helped Executive Director Jennifer Bassett take the steps necessary to get Hands4Hope off to a great start. His risk management oversight ensured that the Hands4Hope youth, Board, and staff were safe and supported as needed, and his business guidance helped create a plan that has made Hands4Hope relevant and financially sound.

Doug helped to create the haunted house, one of Hands4Hope’s most creative and successful annual fundraisers that helped fund programming for many years. Through his ideas, vision, tools, and many volunteer hours, Doug masterminded a lasting project that allowed Hands4Hope youth to learn planning, communication, and leadership skills. He shared his experiences and wisdom and mentored our youth every step of the way, teaching them what a good work ethic looks like, as well as the tools necessary for great project management.

In the last two and a half years, Doug has been the Board Chair and led the Hands4Hope Board with commitment, passion, and vision. He has worked with the Board and staff to implement needed policies and procedures to make the organization compliant with nonprofit best practices, and helped to generate a sustainable framework from which Hands4Hope can maintain.

Doug also handcrafted the beautiful Tree of Hope that is displayed at the Hands4Hope Youth Center and showcases our individual donors. His generosity of time and talent is beyond measure.

Hands4Hope is so grateful for Doug’s leadership, coaching, and guidance; we have benefited greatly from all of Doug’s support!

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