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Sponsor Spotlight: Milestone Restaurant

Hands4Hope has selected Milestone Restaurant as this month's Sponsor Spotlight! Milestone has been so supportive of Hands4Hope this year with sponsoring the Fall Festival, donating during Big Day of Giving, and being a great resource for our youth. Thank you Milestone for everything you do for our community!

Tell us about your restaurant.

We are a new american restaurant which basically means that anything fresh, local and regional is on the table. We play with techniques and ingredients both classic and cutting edge. We lean towards classic cocktails while always creating new experiences with our beverage program. Most important is the service. We feel that our attention to service and the guest experience outside of the arena of food and beverage is really what sets us apart. We hope everyone feels warmly welcome and loves what we do.

What is the reason(s) for sponsoring Hands4Hope?

We always want to support the local community. While there are many organizations out there worthy of support and attention, we appreciated H4H's approach to encouraging youth to take a connected and proactive approach to life. As generations progress it seems that there is less of a "go-get-em" attitude. We see that approach displayed in spades with H4H. The kids are gracious, respectful and know how to communicate, volunteer, and work hard.

How have your interactions been with H4H youth?

Incredible. We have been continually impressed by their maturity and ability to work hard and be respectful of themselves, others and the community around them.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We hope to be a community anchor for a long time to come and we hope to help kids working towards a bright future. We are proud to support kids who are working towards bettering themselves and not just waiting to be told what to do.

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