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Sponsor Spotlight -Aborn Powers

1. Tell us about your company/organization.

At Aborn Powers, we offer integrated real estate solutions, meaning we provide residential and commercial sales and leasing, property management of both residential and commercial properties and association management. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be an investor, whether that means owning their own home, a rental home or a large commercial or multifamily complex, and we make ourselves available to assist and offer advice as needed.

2. What is the reason(s) for sponsoring/supporting Hands4Hope?

Our mission is to serve God and our community by caring for those around us and we are very involved in our community and in several organizations, as well as Hands4Hope. We know that all of us are only as strong as our community, and Hands4Hope plays an important part in getting the next generation involved in looking beyond themselves and starting to build up their communities.

3. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We love to be a resource, so even if folks are not in the market for real estate, we are happy to talk about their goals and the steps toward achieving them. We also have a resource room, with new items for people who are establishing a household, whether they were a victim of a fire, recovering from homelessness, whatever. These are free to anyone.

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