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Congratulations 2024 Seniors!

Updated: Jun 1

We are so proud of our record-setting class of 95 total graduating seniors, all of whom are actively involved with Hands4Hope. These young adults are leaving high school having built an ethic of service leadership, and with many hours of experience learning to work as a team and make a difference for their community.

Hands4Hope 2024 Cord Awardees

The coveted Royal Blue and Orange Hands4Hope Service Cord is awarded to seniors who have served at least 160 hours cumulatively over all 4 years in high school. This year's awardees (pictured above) are:

Eataney Hormozi, Folsom High School

Maya Moss, Folsom High School

Mishti Shah, Oak Ridge High School

Tarika Kahlon, Oak Ridge High School

Vikram Singh, Oak Ridge High School

Sage Barden, Oak Ridge High School

Chloe Deiss, Union Mine High School

Samantha Mitchell, Union Mine High School


The following seniors are all active participants with Hands4Hope. We bid them best wishes as they continue their journey, and invite them to continue involvement through our Alumni Association!

El Dorado High School

Mohammad Azeem

Maria Angelina Vega

Folsom High School

Sophia Haslemann

Eataney Hormozi

Ella Kalbach

Nina Kohlmann

Ashley Laborete

Maya Moss

Ava Neimann

Maya Ralls

Rose Shafto

Brandon Tautuan

Jesuit High School

Alex Cannata

Ryan York

Mira Loma High School

Vansh Angi

Justin Pham

Oak Ridge High School

Alishba Aryan

Jannah Atebar

Edreese Atebar

Grace Barbato

Sage Barden

Devon Beton

Andrew Blanton

Ava Carnahan

Aiden Chemmannure

Mireya Delabahan

Kyle Frost

Tracy Gatwiri

Kylie Gaunt

Salwa Ghayas

Mahee Haswani

Madison Heninger

Annie Hosseini

Tarika Kahlon

Moniicaa Kishore Kumar

Tristan Kono

Elsa Kwong

Sam LaTorre

Kyla Lilienthal

Navy Morrison

Jessica Ortiz

Emma Pratt

Ayda Robinson

Ria Sahota

Isabella Sepulveda

Sophia Sepulveda

Mishti Shah

Sidra Shakir

Syon Shrestha

Eva Silveira

Vikram Dev Singh

Evan Steed

Lucas Stenson

Abigail Thum

Ponderosa High School

Logan Atherton

Camille Brightman

Izzy Brooks

Saeed Garcia

Elena Grohs

Olivia Mcmahon

Penelope Nelson

Alexis Power

Emma Reding

Eva Robles

Payton Runkle

Ricardo Santana

Tyler Smylie

Union Mine High School

Evelyn Anderson

Chloe Deiss

Jacob Kenoyer

Annaliese Ladowski

Lexi Lehr

Samantha Mitchell

Charlie Murray

Kallysta Rodriguez

Stevie Staggers

Vista del Lago High School

Naomi Carassus

Jacob Chavez

Cadence Clive

Felicity Fales

Kelsey Fisher

Luke Gaylord

Anabelle Gurley

Lizzie Jacobsen

Rohan Kulkarni

Keira Larkin

Shani Laufer

Reyna Martin

Joy Petteys

Unspecified SChool

Borna Abadooz

Jessica Acevedo

Tulip Crook

Isabella Kuntz

Hannah Straub

Senior Spotlights

Find special features about some of our amazing graduates on our Instagram & Facebook pages!


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