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Join a Hands4Hope Youth-Led Committee TODAY!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Click on the following links to submit your interest to join the committees mentioned above!

CHILDREN'S COMMITTEE : This committee will research needs in the community related to children and partner with other nonprofits and/or human service agencies to plan and execute projects and outreaches that fill unmet needs. In previous years, this committee has been split into two smaller committees, the Project Birthday and Kid's Oasis Committees. This year those committees will be joining forces to create a greater impact on children in need in the community. Committee participants will create craft projects, coordinate games, host fundraisers and mentor children at Kid's Oasis, (the bi-monthly children’s program at Green Valley Community Church in Placerville) as well as host monthly birthday parties, complete with decorations, games, and cake for any children having birthdays who are residents of an affordable housing complex in El Dorado Hills.

HOMELESS SUPPORT COMMITTEE : The Homeless Support Committee has a diverse set of goals, from providing sack lunches at outreach events in Sacramento, to project proposals that encourage local grocery stores to donate food to homeless services. It plans to increase awareness around the needs of the homeless community and support services in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties and is open to any ideas that can directly impact individuals coping with homelessness. If you are interested in learning more about the issue as well as interacting and supporting people experiencing homelessness, creating projects that benefit local homeless support services, or addressing the systemic issues of homelessness on a governmental level, this is a committee that will help you hone those skills while working and interacting with other youth who are passionate about this issue.

EMERGENCY FOOD PANTRY COMMITTEE : The mission of the Hands4Hope Emergency Food Pantry is to provide families experiencing food insecurity on the western slope of El Dorado County with nourishing food and nutrition education. The Emergency Food Pantry Committee works to develop and maintain the processes of running a food pantry to support families in need while working with partner agencies such as the El Dorado County Office of Education and Twin Lakes and Placer Food Banks. The committee is responsible for the collection of nonperishable, nourishing food through planning and hosting food drives within the community. In addition, the committee also manages all operations of the pantry located within the Hands4Hope Placerville Youth Center.

ASPIRE OUTFITTERS COMMITTEE : The newest addition to our after-school program, the ASPIRE Outfitters Committee, is a partnership between Hands4Hope- Youth Making a Difference and ASPIREKids. ASPIRE Outfitters is based out of the Hands4Hope Placerville Youth Center and provides much-needed clothes to vulnerable youth. Committee participants will have the opportunity to identify and create processes for ASPIRE Outfitters, including donation intake, organization and storage of donated items, requests from partner agencies, and the packaging and distribution of clothing. In addition to this, the committee will identify needed items and create events and campaigns to collect or raise funds to fill the needs.


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