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October Sponsor Spotlight - Intel Corporation

Since its Folsom site construction in 1984, Intel has been the city’s largest employer and community involvement has always been at the heart of Intel and its employees. In 2019, the Intel Involved volunteer program garnered 153,000 volunteer hours from Intel’s Folsom employees alone, resulting in over $1M in matched funds distributed to local nonprofits and schools.

2. What are the reasons Intel Employees Volunteer with Hands4Hope?

Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference is a unique non-profit organization empowering youth and teaching the next generation leadership and philanthropy. A special part of Hands4Hope is its youth leadership program, giving young individuals the opportunity to serve on a youth board which guides the organizations youth development and outreach programs. Folsom Intel Employees value the opportunity to assist the youth at Hands4Hope with making a difference in our community through donation drives and other service projects. Cristina Kwong, West Coast Facilities and EHS Program Manager at Intel, describes her experience volunteering as an adult lead for Hands4Hope food distributions: “I’m inspired by the generous and committed youth who volunteer through Hands4Hope. They are truly making a positive impact in our community!” Engineering and Operations Manager, Tabitha Wong, is getting her own daughter involved in the program: “Hands4Hope is a community outreach organization that fosters youth leadership and community service starting at middle school to bring communities together to help our environment, neighbors, and city. My daughter just joined Hands4Hope through Sutter Middle School, and is looking forward to building new friendships while making a positive impact on our community.”

3. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Intel Folsom employees value the opportunity to give back and support our community through many different channels. Hands4Hope is a special organization empowering and teaching youth. Intel is proud to engage with and volunteer alongside the Hands4Hope organization in our community.


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