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Sponsor Spotlight: Designing Dreams

We are thrilled to spotlight Designing Dreams Flooring and Remodeling and its owner Randy Mintz as our Sponsor Spotlight. Randy has provided generous support to Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference over the years, including serving on the Hands4Hope Folsom Steering Committee and spearheading the inaugural "Nashville Songwriters Live" benefit concert last November, with plans to repeat the highly successful Harris Center concert effort on December 17, 2024.

The support of Designing Dreams Flooring and Remodeling and of Randy has meant the world to Hands4Hope's expansion of programs in Folsom and beyond. Read on to learn more about how this popular business chooses year after year to partner with Hands4Hope.

Tell us about your company.

Designing Dreams Flooring and Remodeling is a premier home improvement company dedicated to transforming spaces into beautiful and functional areas. We specialize in flooring, kitchen and bathroom remodels, ADUs and additions collaborating closely with the client throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free design and construction experience.

With over 40 years in business, Designing Dreams Flooring and Remodeling is more than just a remodeling company, we design spaces that truly feel like the clients dream home.

Hands4Hope is so appreciative of your partnership! Why do you continue to support Hands4Hope and how does our mission to inspire and empower youth in leadership and service fit your current goals?

Hands4Hope provides young individuals with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the community, aligning with our commitment to nurture the next generation of change makers. Together, we can ensure that our youth are well prepared to achieve their dreams and tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

What value do you think Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference adds to the community?

Hands4Hope brings immense value to the community by empowering young people to become proactive and compassionate leaders through partnerships with organizations such Twin Lakes Food Bank and Powerhouse Ministries, tutoring underserved youth, and participating in community service days. This not only helps the community but also our youth who benefit from learning the importance of teamwork and project management, and gain confidence by doing so.

Is there anything that you've enjoyed most/been most surprised by interacting with Hands4Hope youth?

Absolutely! One of the most rewarding aspects of interacting with Hands4Hope youth has been witnessing their enthusiasm and genuine commitment to community service. It's truly inspiring to see young individuals come together with a shared goal of making a positive impact.

I enjoy music and the Nashville Songwriters event at the Harris Center is the event I look forward to the most. If you love music, then you will truly enjoy this performance by the song writers behind so many of your favorite songs.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience with Hands4Hope?

These students are passionate and inspiring and examples for all of us.

Randy Mintz, owner of Designing Dreams Flooring and Remodeling


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