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Sponsor Spotlight | Doug Veerkamp General Engineering

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Doug Veerkamp General Engineering is a mid-sized family owned and operated construction company specializing in excavation, grading, paving, underground utilities, rockery walls and trucking. Over its 40 years in business, DVGE has grown from a small operation to one of the largest employers in El Dorado County, always prioritizing quality work, honesty and integrity.

Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference is so appreciative of your long time partnership! Why do you continue to support Hands4Hope and how does our mission to inspire and empower youth in leadership and service fit your current goals?

We love that Hands4Hope empowers the youth in our community. It gives them the tools to first recognize a need in their community, then formulate a plan and take action to address these needs. Hands4Hope instills leadership and problem solving skills along with qualities of hard work and service that we as a company also value. The youth involved in Hands4Hope are our future community leaders and by investing in them we are investing in the future of El Dorado County.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about Hands4Hope or your amazing support for our community?

Our favorite Hands4Hope event of the year is always the Fall Festival, where we get to drive one of our antique tractors for the hay rides. It is such an inspiration to watch the youth in action, putting on such a fun event for our community.


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