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Sponsor Spotlight: Latrobe Fund

Hands4Hope is delighted to feature Latrobe Fund, a long-time sponsoring organization and supporter. Latrobe Fund has been responsible for supporting many projects over the years that are essential for various organizational functions within Hands4Hope, including funding the initial launch and opening of the Hands4Hope Placerville Youth Center.

The Latrobe Fund's Managing Director, Liz Drummond, sent us some insight into Latrobe Fund's reasons for their long-standing support. Read on to learn more.

Hands4Hope is so appreciative of your long-time partnership!  Why do you continue to support Hands4Hope and how does our mission to inspire and empower youth in leadership and service fit your current goals and those of The Latrobe Fund?

The Latrobe Fund appreciates collaboration, and Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference defines collaboration in its volunteer opportunities, on-campus Clubs, after-school Committees, and Leadership programs. Hands4Hope demonstrates it is truly a youth-led organization and understands that servant leadership starts at a very young age. They have proven that regardless of your wealth, health, disabilities, age, race, gender, or beliefs, volunteering and leadership are about the heart of you, not the shell of you.

How do you see our shared commitment to serving the local community and giving youth a safe environment to grow as leaders so important in today’s world?

Hands4Hope is a model for the entire United States of America. Hands4Hope’s programs change local communities for the better. They demonstrate that you don't just give to others, you reach out and make sure others can participate in changing the world, one neighborhood at a time.

What is your favorite thing about Hands4Hope?

Youth in Hands4Hope on-campus Clubs decide what area of need in their community they get to focus on and work on projects near and dear to them. The variety of work and volunteerism in Hands4Hope is staggering. And the bonus, youth can decide their own level of commitment and activity. With a lot of time or a small amount of time, youth can make a difference. If our future community and world leaders are represented in Hands4Hope, we can relax and enjoy the ride!

Tell us about Latrobe Fund.

The Latrobe Fund was founded in January of 2019 by two philanthropists with residences in the Latrobe and Lake Tahoe areas. They are business owners who are making a difference for local nonprofits in El Dorado County through their grants.  Currently the funding is focused on nonprofits serving El Dorado County. The grant process is not competitive. Each grant request is reviewed on its own merits. There is not a specific granting cycle; grants are made at the discretion of the fund owners.

Thank you to Latrobe Fund for generously supporting and believing in the mission of Hands4Hope over the years!


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