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Sponsor Spotlight | OTAT Golf League

OTAT Golf League started among four friends at Serrano Country Club. For the non-golfers among us, OTAT refers to the golf term "One Tie All Tie." Now beginning its 3rd season this March, the group has grown to 40 league members, who play 9 holes of golf every Wednesday from March through October.

How did you come to learn about Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference?

Hands4Hope was introduced to OTAT by a couple of Serrano Country Club members who have donated to Hands4Hope in the past. All had great things to say about Hands4Hope and we all thought this would be a great partnership.

What are the reasons that OTAT chose to sponsor Hands4Hope?

When OTAT members decided to benefit a charity, they had very specific requirements for choosing who to sponsor. Hand4Hope checked all the boxes: locally based, helps those in need in our community, and develops leadership in youth in our schools. These are things that appealed to all of us.

What benefits do you feel Hands4Hope offers to our youth, adults, and community?

Hands4Hope provides a way for people to work together for a common good.

What is your impression so far of our youth and organization?

When OTAT presented Hands4Hope’s Executive Director Jennifer Bassett with the sponsorship check, she brought along two youth to speak to our group and tell us about Hands4Hope. We all were so impressed with how well they spoke and how they conducted themselves in such a professional manner… very impressive! Jennifer has done a great job and all of us at OTAT are looking forward to a successful partnership and are excited for the future.

Members of OTAT Golf League at their check presentation

A member of OTAT Golf League was the lucky winning bidder on a guitar signed by the three featured performing artists at the Hands4Hope benefit event "Nashville Songwriters Live" on November 20, 2023.

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