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Sponsor Spotlight | Rick Fergerson - Fergerson Financial

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference turns 15 in 2023 and we are grateful beyond words for longtime supporters who believed in our mission from the early years!

One such supporter is Rick Fergerson of Fergerson Financial. Rick wrote to Hands4Hope Founder Jennifer Bassett in May 2013, “I always enjoy conversation when the person I’m talking to has a passion in life. And, to turn your dream into a reality with Hands4Hope is a beautiful thing. I look forward to our business relationship as a sponsor and to be part of your mission in developing the next generation of volunteers and leaders.

Rick poses with one of his five grandchildren, Wavely.
Rick poses with one of his five grandchildren, Wavely.

Ten years later Rick continues to be a dedicated partner in our mission to inspire and empower youth through leadership and service. He believes it’s important for people to step forward and support youth leadership organizations in the local community either financially or through volunteering.

“I look back at my years of growing up in Del Paso Heights with a smile on my face - not because of what I have been able to accomplish in life,” says Rick, “but because I feel proud of where I came from and the support I received through mentors, teachers and the community.”

As Hands4Hope has grown, so has Rick’s generous support. In the 2023 program year Fergerson Financial is helping to support the youth-led Fall Festival and Kids Zone events, the Endless Summer Beach Party annual benefit dinner and the new Nashville Songwriters Live fundraiser at the Harris Center, making him a Platinum Sponsor.

In 2020 Rick said he was ”looking forward to seeing Hands4Hope grow into a centerpiece of our community” because it develops youth leaders, serves those most in need in our local area and fosters teamwork. In 2023, Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference was chosen as the Senate District 4 Nonprofit Of The Year . . . bringing the organization closer to Rick’s vision. The impact made in the lives of youth and those they serve in need in the community would not be possible without the generous and consistent support from dedicated sponsors like Fergerson Financial.


Rick Fergerson, CPA, PFS, AIF is the Founder and CEO of Fergerson Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

Prior to owning Fergerson Financial, Rick was Senior Vice President of Franklin Templeton Investor Services LLC and Franklin Distributors, Inc., focusing on all retirement-related services. Rick graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, emphasis in accounting.

Rick and his wife Laura (also a CPA) enjoy spending time with their adult children and five grandchildren. Rick is an avid golfer. He enjoys tasting fine wines and holds a couple of wine certifications. When not in the office, you can also find him at a Yoga studio.

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