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Youth Spotlight: Andrew Ni

Meet Andrew Ni, an Oak Ridge High School Junior who started participating with Hands4Hope two years ago, and has already accumulated more than 150 service hours! He has truly jumped in to all that Hands4Hope has to offer, including participating in on-campus clubs, after school committees, Community Engagement Opportunities, and leadership opportunities. He is motivated by his desire to help others, but read on to hear in his own words what Andrew feels he gets out of his experiences with Hands4Hope.

What club, committees, and community engagement outreaches have you participated in?

I’ve participated in the Hands4Hope Fall Festival committee twice, and I led the Games & Activities committee this year. I was a member of the Kids Zone Committee this summer. I also participated in many community outreaches such as the Mercy Senior Dinner and the White Rock Village.

How did you hear about Hands4Hope and what motivated you to join?

I heard of Hands4Hope through my brother. I started Hands4Hope by accompanying my brother to the Mercy Senior Dinner event. Since then, I’ve participated in more and more community outreaches and committees. Helping others motivates me to continue volunteering for Hands4Hope.

Think about what you’ve done with Hands4Hope so far: How have these experiences shaped you into the person you are today compared to when you first joined?

Since I first joined Hands4Hope, I’ve become a more responsible, organized, and compassionate individual. For example, I learned so much from the committees that Hands4Hope offered. While I was the Games & Activities chair for the Fall Festival, I learned how to conduct meetings, manage my time effectively, and work in a team together for such a large project. I learned through Hands4Hope that I can make a positive impact on the community and the world, even if I am only a high-schooler.

How has Hands4Hope helped you in school, with your friends and family, and in life?

Hands4Hope offers a really unique opportunity for youth to be involved within the community that isn’t found elsewhere. I mean, what other organization offers high-schoolers the opportunity to manage over $20,000 and learn how to work professionally on a project? After volunteering for Hands4Hope, I felt more productive and confident in my life. Especially after the pandemic, I felt more connected to my community and also happier because I knew that I made a positive difference in the world. I learned how to become a leader by improving my communication skills and my confidence.

What has been your favorite memory so far with Hands4Hope?

I’ve made a lot of memories so far with Hands4Hope. In particular, I remember volunteering at the Kids Zone Area at the El Dorado Hills Town Center Fireworks and Freedom Concert with my friend Mason at the popcorn concession stand. It was a really cool and fun experience, and the fireworks were the capstone of the event. Additionally, I’ve volunteered for the Hands4Hope Fall Festival every year since I joined Hands4Hope, and it’s been a fun event every time. I loved interacting with the visitors and running the event. The 2023 Fall Festival was a great success!

What would you tell someone who is considering joining Hands4Hope ? How do you see yourself being involved in the future?

I would highly recommend anyone to join Hands4Hope. I would encourage them to take risks and get involved with the community. You will learn so much and make great memories. I hope to continue being involved with Hands4Hope in the future through outreaches and committees like the Fall Festival. I want to make the most out of my last two years here.

What other activities do you enjoy?

Outside of Hands4Hope, I like to hang out with my friends and listen to music. I also volunteer for the Community Observatory in Placerville. I highly recommend checking it out; it’s really cool!


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