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Youth Spotlight: Sungwoo Cho

Oak Ridge High School rising Junior Sungwoo Cho started volunteering with Hands4Hope in February 2020. He has consistently nurtured his service leadership skills throughout his 3 and a half years of involvement, garnering an impressive 90+ service hours during this time.

In addition to volunteering at Community Engagement events like the breakfast and food distribution at Green Valley Community Church, Sungwoo is also active in committees, and recently joined our new Marketing committee.

Read more about why Sungwoo enjoys his time with Hands4Hope below!

What has your favorite outreach been so far?

My favorite outreach has definitely been the Green Valley Community Church. I enjoy it because I get to help people from all walks of life meet their day to day necessities. Seeing the hard work of serving and preparing the dishes being met with 'thank you's and gratitude makes it all worth it. Working with a diverse set of people also helps me gain a better worldview and understanding of what is going on around me.

Why do you like volunteering at Hands4Hope?

I enjoy volunteering at Hands4Hope because it gives many interesting and awesome outreaches to volunteer with, also, it has amazing staff who are very supportive and helpful with anything. This makes for a fun and rewarding volunteering experience that I'm excited about whenever I sign up for a shift!


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