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At Hands4Hope, our mission is to inspire and empower youth in leadership and service. We do this by giving youth a platform to make their voices heard on issues affecting our community and provide them the opportunity to take action in their own way.

Youth Leadership

Hands4hope offers

multi level leadership opportunities to all youth participants starting in middle school and extending through to college.

School Programs

Hands4Hope’s school based club program incorporates our mission by providing opportunities for students within a smaller group.



Outreaches are the platform from which youth in Hands4Hope learn about and engage with their community.



After-school project committees incorporate our mission by providing opportunities for students, from 8th grade to 12th grade, to Explore, Act and Lead Service-Learning Projects.

Hands4Hope Programs

Get to know us

Learn more about the Hands4Hope Staff,

Youth Board, and Board of Directors

Our Supporters

Thank you to these corporate and private sponsors who keep our organization going strong.

Andrew's Hands4Hope Story

Andrew's Hands4Hope Story

Stories of impact

The opportunities I have received from Hands4Hope has helped me realize that my potential is far greater than I had originally perceived it to be.


There are no limits on the positive impact H4H can have on youth especially as they are trying to find out where they fit in and if they are heard and respected by others in the community. 


Hands4Hope has helped fuel me and made me who I am.



Ryan Christopher Hersh Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Ryan Christopher Hersh Memorial Scholarship Fund is a fund in memory of Ryan Christopher Hersh, who passed away at the age of 18. Ryan was an active participant in Hands4Hope for multiple years. To honor Ryan and his love of serving, his grandparents created this fund so that others may explore needs in their community and have the opportunity to take action in their own way, as Ryan did through Hands4Hope.

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