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Adult Spotlight: Anne Rhea

Anne Rhea is this month’s Adult Spotlight! Hands4Hope would like to recognize Anne for all the time she puts into leading the El Dorado Hills Senior Center Crafts and Games, her involvement with the School Supply Drive Committee, and her role on the H4H Parent Advisory Council.

How long have you been participating with Hands4Hope?

About four years. My first event was the School Supply Drive in 2014.

Why did you join Hands4Hope?

I saw a call on social media for volunteers to help with a school supply drive in Placerville. At the time I wasn’t familiar with H4H. When I participated in the event, I was impressed by the fact that the school supply drive was organized and run by youth. I decided that H4H was the kind of organization I wanted to contribute to and pursued volunteering as an adult lead.

What outreaches do you usually volunteer with? Which do you enjoy the most?

Currently, my main commitment is to the monthly outreach at the El Dorado Hills Senior Center. Seeing the youth engaging with seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s makes this my most rewarding outreach to date. I’ve also participated in other events such as a Thanksgiving meal for the disadvantaged, a food distribution event at Twin Lakes Food Bank in Folsom, and I have helped with admin tasks in the office.

What is your impression/experience with Hands4Hope youth?

The H4H youth simply blow me away. They show such maturity and confidence, as well as a willingness to engage others and try to improve the lives of community members who are in need.

Overall, what has your experience been like since joining?

Nothing but positive and rewarding for me. Living in a world that can be challenging, my participation in H4H activities re-energizes me after each event and gives me confidence that these H4H youth are growing into adulthood better prepared for the challenges ahead and ready to continue contributing to their community in a positive way.

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