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Adult Lead Spotlight: Gen Walk

This month, Hands4Hope would like to recognize one of our very hard-working and dedicated volunteers, Gen Walk! Gen has been volunteering with Hands4Hope for almost 10 years and is always such a joy to be around. Whether it's driving back-and-forth from our storage unit, organizing binders and T-shirts in the office, or preparing meals for the Mercy Senior Dinner, Gen does it all. We have no idea what we would do without her and we are so thankful to have her on our team, we love you Gen!

How long have you been participating with Hands4Hope?

I have been involved with Hands4Hope since spring of 2010.

Why did you join Hands4Hope?

I joined Hands4Hope because I retired and I wanted to be able to give back to my community and work with youth and adults to help others. My wife found Hands4Hope through Blue Shield while searching for volunteer opportunities and they were running a Food Blitz at the Safeway in Placerville that next weekend. We both signed up to run a shift and had a great time. Following the Food Blitz, I met with Jennifer for coffee and she explained the different ways I could get involved.

What outreaches do you usually volunteer with? Which do you enjoy the most?

I pretty much volunteer for all of them but the two monthly outreaches I volunteer for are the Sister Nora’s Dinner and the Mercy Senior Dinner. I also help in the office almost once a week with anything that staff needs. I do a lot of the “behind the scenes” work to help with whatever event is going on at the time. We just finished Fall Festival and before that it was the School Supply Drive, there is always something to help with. It is hard to say what I enjoy most because I really enjoy the youth and the adults that we work with but I also love working with those that we serve. I really can’t say that I enjoy one over the other, I love it all.

What is your impression/experience with Hands4Hope youth?

We have a lot of youth that are kind, thoughtful, and go out of there way to help others. They are fun and funny and some of them are quite shy until they go out and work with people less fortunate and it completely turns them around. I really see the kindness, love, and devotion they have for helping others.

Overall, what has your experience been like since joining?

I really just love what I’m doing and who I’m working with. My experience has been filled with pure enjoyment, love, and fulfillment of helping others, whether it’s the youth or adults of Hands4Hope or the ones that we are serving.

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