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Placerville Hands4Hope Clubs wrap up their annual projects!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The Union Mine HS Hands4Hope Club felt strongly about benefiting animals this year.

Their familiarity with the cat shelter, located less than two miles from their school, was definitely a deciding factor in choosing Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode as their project

beneficiary. After Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode Executive Director Lizz Thompson presented the needs of the shelter, the club voted unanimously to benefit them by raising funds to help with the purchase of a kitten incubator. Plans were drafted for how to market, where to publicize, and how to fundraise their project called “No Cat Left Behind.” Flyers were shared at Safeway and The Pizza Factory in Pleasant Valley. An online QR code was promoted for online fundraising and a classroom competition was under way. Lasting a month, the “No Cat Left Behind” fundraiser was successful as the club raised $736 dollars.

Herbert Green MS Hands4Hope Club participants were certain animals were where their passion lay. After an exhaustive search, they settled on exploring the needs of two nonprofits, settling on El Dorado County German Shepherd Rescue as their project beneficiary . Their goal was to raise funds for updating kennels, but an emergency rescue came along that required surgery. The club decided to help pay for the vet bills of the new rescue named Josie. The Club had a blast with their drive-thru fundraiser called “Save a Shepherd” that turned into a classroom contest. Josie is doing much better and the club has helped the rescue offset the vet bills by $803!

It seems like choosing a non-profit to benefit would be easy, but there are so many to choose from. The participants of the Markham MS Hands4Hope Club discussed whether or not animals or people needed them more. A few youth made some good points about doing something for youth in their community and the debate between special needs or foster youth began. After hearing speakers from two nonprofits, the Club felt that foster youth were an underserved population where their efforts would be more impactful. They chose to support the kinship program at Lilliput Families, a part of Wayfinder Family Services. Their fundraiser was called “Giver Lillies Gift Card Drive.” The whole school got involved and the Club was able to provide $25 gift cards for 17 youth receiving foster services.

Sierra Wildlife Rescue has a newly rescued Miner’s cat, or ring-tailed cat, in their education program that needs a permanent enclosure. The El Dorado High School Club stepped up to the task and are currently raising funds with a fundraiser they named “Raspberry’s Resort.” (The Miner cat was found near a patch of raspberries and was given the name “Raspberry.”) The club has raised over $200 by selling Critter Cards on campus and will continue with an online fundraiser until April 20th. Their goal is to raise $500 by Earth Day. Online donations can be made at the El Dorado High School Club page at El Dorado Club - Sierra Wildlife Rescue Fundraiser.


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