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Project Birthday - After-School Committee Update

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The Hands4Hope Project Birthday Committee created 15 birthday kits in February to help celebrate children and teens with January - March birthdays at Mercy Housing in El Dorado Hills. The kits are a continuing effort to meet a need at the affordable housing community while ongoing Covid restrictions prevent a return to in person monthly parties.

Committee Chair Grace Brasil said, "I love Project Birthday because of the impact it can have on the kids' lives. I first started doing Project Birthday four years ago when we were in person and I learned some valuable lessons, like how you shouldn't let the kids have four pieces of cake! And, even though the parties were a blast, I am so happy that we are still able to deliver birthday kits to let the kids know that we are thinking of them."

The committee packed the bags full of party supplies such as cake mix, frosting, candles and party decorations, as well as gifts selected specifically for each boy or girl according to their age.

“Being part of Project Birthday last month was so fun and I’m so excited to continue working closer with the children in the community as we come out of Covid restrictions,” said Navy Morrison, a sophomore at Oak Ridge High School. “I’ve always loved children and I think that is why I gravitated towards this committee. I believe that younger kids can really benefit from projects like this so I’m excited that I get to be involved.”

In June, Project Birthday will become a part of a newly formed Children’s Committee that will join forces with the Kids Oasis Committee and explore additional needs in the community related to children. To find out more about the Children’s Committee visit: Hands4Hope Children's Committee Interest Survey


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