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Sponsor Spotlight - ESI Builders & Remodelers

Left to right: Joel Krogman (Superintendent), Allan Priest (Owner/VP), Dave Sipes (Owner/Pres), Javier Garcia (Carpenter), Maria Giorgi (Project Manager)

Tell us about your company/organization.

ESI Builders and Remodelers is a local small business and general contractor dedicated to providing high quality design support, construction management, and top notch craftsmanship to our clients. From home remodels to additions and new custom homes – our team ensures the experience and end results meets the needs and desires of our clients. We want every customer to live in their dream home, while at the same time, have a positive and educated experience throughout the construction process – all within their budget. Founded in EDH in 2011, ESI has also particularly focused on deploying energy efficient designs, ensuring maximum comfort and luxury, and selecting the best local craftsmen and products.

What is the reason(s) for sponsoring Hands4Hope -Youth Making A Difference?

The ESI Builder’s ownership team is dedicated to giving back to our local community and when it comes to direct and positive impacts – Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference is a clear non-profit leader meriting out support. Thousands of youth at Oak Ridge High School and the local middle schools have learned incredible life skills in project planning, communication, leadership, and most importantly, giving back to others. We have seen this positive impact first hand in working with Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference through other non-profit partners we are involved in - and we hope Hands4Hope will continue to grow in the years to come.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

A true “home grown” success story, Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference continues to provide our local youth with incredible opportunities and promote lifelong philanthropists. Under the leadership of Jennifer Bassett and an all-star board of directors, we are confident Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference will continue to thrive and expand its positive impacts for many years to come. And the ESI Builders team is very proud to provide our support.


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