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Empty Bowls Wrap-Up

The Empty Bowls Supper was held on Saturday, November 16, and was a great success for all involved! Students and artists made hundreds of bowls to fill with yummy homemade soup for the Empty Bowls Supper, while over 100 students registered with Hands4Hope volunteered for this event at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds.

Art teachers at local high schools worked with their students to make keepsake bowls in the months prior to the event, while at the event, students worked in the kitchen, distributed bowls, linens and spoons, served soup, served drinks and bread, and recycled all materials used. A student also oversaw the student volunteer coordination for the event. Annabel Maguire, Student Volunteer Coordinator and Hands4Hope Club President at El Dorado High School, did a wonderful job organizing all of the youth volunteers and preparing them for their tasks. She even stayed until the very end mopping the kitchen floor!

We don't yet have the specific numbers but it is estimated that there were over 900 attendees and that over $30,000 was raised to be donated to organizations that fight hunger, both locally and internationally! Fifty percent of these proceeds will benefit the Upper Room Dining Hall in Placerville.

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