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Youth Spotlight - McKenna Hauteman

  1. What is your school grade? How long have you been involved at Hands4Hope?

I am a Junior at St. Francis Catholic High School. I have been involved with Hands4Hope for about 6 months now, and have loved every second of it!

2. Why did you join Hands4Hope and how did you hear about it?

I joined Hands4Hope because I was looking for ways in which I could give back to my community and practice servant leadership. I heard about Hands4Hope through a friend who has been volunteering at Hands4Hope for a few years.

3. How has Hands4Hope helped you in school, your family, and life?

Where do I even begin! Hands4Hope has been such an influential part of my life. Participating in outreach and various committees has helped me gain confidence in my abilities as a leader and as a servant. In school, I am a part of the Student Government, so my leadership skills need constant improvement as we work through these unpredictable times. Hands4Hope has given me every resource to improve my leadership skills and help me succeed. I have learned things about myself by doing leadership training with Hands4Hope that has helped me to better understand myself and those around me. Hands4Hope has also fueled my passion for service. I find myself more eager to look for ways to serve my family, friends, and community the more I participate in Hands4Hope.

4. What has your experience been like since joining?

When I first began, I was admittedly nervous as I did not know anyone yet. However, as soon as I began my first outreach I felt immediately welcome and appreciated. I also feel important and valued, as the Hands4Hope staff has always had a genuine interest in my well-being and growth. I have learned much about leadership and service through the mentorship of the Hands4Hope staff and by working with my peers on projects that we are passionate about.

5. Is there anything else you would like to add about your experiences with Hands4Hope?

I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that values youth education and leadership development. The more I work with other Hands4Hope members I am amazed to see how local youth leaders use their talents for the good of the community, and I am inspired by them each time we meet. I can’t wait to continue my service with Hands4Hope and to see the impact that youth can have on their communities.

Top Left: McKenna and her sister, they love driving around together.

Right: Mckenna and her sister in Tahoe

Bottom Left: McKenna and her mom

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