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Alumni Spotlight: Eadora Hormozi

Updated: May 2

While she was a student at Folsom High School, Eadora participated with the on-campus Hands4Hope Club all four years, and held several leadership positions throughout her high school experience, including serving as Public Relations Coordinator on the Youth Board Executive Committee.

Now that she is finishing her freshman year in college as she works toward a degree in nursing and career as a NICU nurse, she has maintained her connection to Hands4Hope and is currently wrapping up a paid Hands4Hope Marketing Internship, generously funded by The Latrobe Fund.

"Eadora is a joy to work with, always willing to help in whatever way she can, even when it forces her out of her comfort zone," says Jennifer Bassett, Hands4Hope Founder & Executive Director.

"I loved working with Eadora when she was a Senior in the Folsom High School on-campus Club," said Lara Davis, Education Program Coordinator. "She is very responsible, receptive to feedback, responsible and fun to work with."

In addition to her internship, Eadora has teamed up with board member Adam Kint and her sister Eataney to fundraise for Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference through Big Day of Giving!

What has the Hands4Hope internship experience been like for you? What has been most interesting or valuable about it?

I have loved interning with Hands4Hope! Since I have been on the outreach side of Hands4Hope I was interested to see what the business side is about. I have been able to network with local Folsom businesses. I have seen how hardworking and hands on the staff and volunteers are. I have learned how to professionally communicate with my peers, teamwork and other valuable skills that are necessary for young adults to know for their future careers.

What is one highlight from your time with Hands4Hope?

While I was the PR Coordinator for the Youth Board Executive Committee, we were responsible for planning and facilitating summer camp and the Mid Year Retreat for middle and high school students. During the middle school Mid Year Retreat, it was so rewarding to watch the middle schoolers engage in the different workshops and learn how to better their leadership skills and how to run their on-campus Clubs.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I enjoy cooking, going on walks and hanging out with my friends!


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