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Donor Spotlight: David and Sharon Handler

1. Tell us about your company/organization.

In our former working lives we were McDonald's franchisees. We are now retired and own a real estate management company which gives us the flexibility to pursue interests such as philanthropy, which is where Hands4Hope comes in.

2. What is your reason(s) for sponsoring Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference?

Over the years we have been impressed with the mission and direction Hands4Hope has taken with their youth leadership and service programs. It is important for the youth of today to be involved in these programs such as community and homeless outreach, food collection and distribution so that they perpetuate these philanthropies. They must learn to lead and to serve the less fortunate and we feel Hands4Hope makes this possible. With the expansion of club based school programs Hands4Hope is engaging more and more youth to empower themselves to learn and to give in a way to make a difference to others. It is our hope that these invaluable leadership skills will be implemented by these young people throughout their lives.

3. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

In regard to fund raising we were especially impressed with the latest event put on by Hands4Hope. The "Route 66" theme was conceived and put in motion in a matter of weeks as the pandemic stalled the planning of their very successful dinner & auction yearly event. It was obvious to us that this year's event required intense planning, leadership and many volunteer hours to execute. We applaud all involved for their extraordinary effort.


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