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Marina Doggy Drive!

We are so excited to have reached our goal with our Doggy Drive to benefit Foothill Dog Rescue! We started work back in December learning about what we could do to help 16 dogs that were rescued and tested positive for heartworm. When Jacky from Foothill Dog Rescue told us that these poor puppies need to stay calm and quarantined during their treatment we knew we needed to help get them things to keep them busy!

Over the next few weeks we planned the Doggy Drive for Board Dogs in Quarantine! Thanks to the help of local businesses like Dogs Down Under and Lees' Feed, we had places for members of the community to donate Kongs, toys and dog treats! We also created a virtual store on our website. After our two week drive we collected 37 items and over $100! We then took a club field trip and went shopping at Dogs Down Under where they gave us a 10% off our purchase. The owner of Dogs Down Under was so excited for the project we were working on she donated another 45 items, brining our total donation to Foothill Dog Rescue to 80 items worth $573! We were so happy to meet Jacky from Foothill after our shopping trip and give her our donation for the dogs!


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