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Join the Hands4Hope Board of Directors

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hands4Hope - Youth Making A Difference has an opportunity for local leaders to join its Board of Directors. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for volunteering and for the Hands4Hope mission of inspiring and empowering youth in leadership and service.

The Board of Directors

  • meets 5-6 times per year,

  • participates in various events throughout the year,

  • brings expertise in areas relevant to the organization, such as nonprofit governance, estate planning, marketing and communications, finance, law, education/youth development, and behavioral health,

  • is willing to help raise funds and build community engagement.

"Serving as a board member is inspirational, but it is also a chance for me to learn and grow. Hands4Hope is a service learning nonprofit, and as such the culture promotes the growth of adults and young alike. I am able to use skills I would normally not have the chance to put into practice. And, it’s making me a better person, just like we are helping the youth. I serve as a Board member with Hands4Hope because I believe that the time and energy we are putting into shaping our youth today is resulting in young adults who leave this program not only being civic-minded but with confidence, vision, compassion and leadership skills they may not have otherwise had." Board Member Meredith Wharton

"It’s all about the youth! Our young people have tremendous talents! I love watching how they work together as a team, breaking out of their comfort levels and gaining confidence. They are dedicated, articulate and passionate about bettering their community and themselves. Being a board member takes about an hour a week for periodic board and committee meetings and fundraising events. But once you start engaging with the youth, they are so inspiring and you’ll want to find more opportunities to be around them. If you have never been on a board before, don’t be afraid! Our Hands4Hope board has several experienced board members who can guide you, and other resources to introduce and acquaint you with the duties of a board of directors." Board chair Andrea Howard

I've been a Hands4Hope board member for the past six years, serving five of those in the role as board chair. Although I had no prior experience serving on a board, I did have experience working with boards, as a senior member of a couple different organizations, both for profit and non-profit. Frankly, I first joined the Hands4Hope board because I was asked to, and because board experience was something I wanted. But more importantly, I have remained a member because it's a great group of people, Jennifer is a fantastic leader of the organization, and mostly because I have heard time and time again from the youth in the program what a difference the organization has made in their lives - from building confidence and self-esteem, to a sense of belonging, and adding skills to their capabilities such as public speaking, budgeting, marketing, fundraising, and project planning to name a few. The beautiful thing is, they gain all of this benefit while at the same time serving those in need. Former Board Chair Steve Backers

If you or someone you know might be a good fit, please send an email to Board Chair Andrea Howard at and put Hands4Hope Board in the subject line.


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